Thursday, August 18, 2011

How To Start

To start helping the science community with your very own computer, follow these easy steps.

1) Download BOINC.  Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

2) Attach to a project.  Add project URL to BOINC in the Tools menu.  Tools -> Add project...

3) Set up an account with that project, and away you go.

You can adjust settings within the BOINC client if needed.

List of projects

Here is a great site to find new projects to join.


This site will provide information on new and existing projects on Distributed Computing with BOINC.

What is Distributed Computing?

Basically, Distributed Computing with BOINC is a way to use your computer's down time to help scientists and Universities crunch data.

Install BOINC, attach to a project, and away you go!

Help solve the worlds problems in the comfort of your home with Distributed Computing with BOINC.